20-20 Sample Catalogs

20-20 Sample Catalogs 1.0

Create, maintain and distribute office furniture catalogs

Create, maintain and distribute office furniture catalogs with industry-leading 20-20 Catalog Express. For dealers, it’s perfect for developing and maintaining B2B catalogs for major customers, to make doing business with you easy. Import published 20-20 CAP Studio catalogs.
Customize to reflect your customer’s buying habits, modify pricing for specific contracts and simplify your customer’s purchasing process. 20-20 Catalog Express gives you flexible management of business-to-business catalogs and lets you deliver service that is second to none.
Manufacturers can use it to reduce the cost of catalog development and control the scheduling of updates. In addition to basic product information, they can incorporate AutoCAD drawing files and multimedia images for a single pool of marketing content.
The solution can be integrated with a back-end ERP configurator, so data is entered once, and reused throughout the supply chain. Catalogs can be output in print-ready PDFs or HTML.

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